Science can't prove itself

"La mayor parte de los hombres no quieren nadar antes de saber. ¿No es ésto espiritual? ¡No quieren nadar, naturalmente! Han nacido para la tierra, no para el agua. Y, naturalmente, no quieren pensar; como que han sido creados para la vida, ¡no para pensar! Claro, y el que piensa, el que hace del pensar lo principal, ese podrá acaso llegar muy lejos en ésto; pero ese precisamente ha confundido la tierra con el agua, y un día u otro se ahogará." 

"Most men don't want to swim before knowing. Isn't that spiritual? They don't want to swim, naturally! They were born for the land, not for the water. And, naturally, they don't want to think; as they've been created for life, not for thinking! Of course, and he who thinks, who makes of thinking the priority, he will perhaps be able to go far on that; but he precisely has confused land with water, and one day or another he will drown." 

Hermann Hesse on Der Steppenwolf (1955), as recommended by my unbeatable father.

At this party, I learned that there's only one thing that science can't prove, and that is itself. Therefore, if science can't prove its own veracity, it must be assumed that it can't prove anything else's, and there goes all human history from the Enlightenment to this very day up in flames, down to ashes. Science is, after all, just like God but uglier and colder. Science is exactly like God but without a face to come to at night in a dream or a prayer. At least God looks at me when I look at Him first. Just when we thought we got rid off God, they gave us science.

At this party I also learned that babies can die of a lack of affection. I met people far more talented than me in every possible field of knowledge, far freer, far fuller than I will ever be. At this party I learned so much. In a way, I wish I still was at that party, I still feel like I never left. The perfect feeling of that party still chases after me. The perfect rain of Hamburg keeps calling. I'm sad now. 

All pictures taken on 12th March 2017 around Bundesstraße, Hamburg, Germany. Special thanks to Sahar for being the fucking master of the universe, hardest worker and hardest player I've ever met, and also to my bruh bruh, for being far too kind. Thanks to Bea for her awesome camera and inspiring pictures, as well as to Alicia, Andrzej, Stefan and Edu for one of the most life-changing conversations and priceless hospitality.