Max Cairo Ghoul (and Sahitya Hoboman)

"I never expect nothing, I don't hold high expectations. I suck at planning. I like being predictable. I feel so underdressed. I need to read more and dress better. I need a dream beach body. I've got so much clothes. I've got two screens. I always watch it in Japanese. I'm such a good person, I'm always nice to others. I'm a nerd. I wish I could dance like that. I know how to make curry. I don't find black people attractive at all. I wish I wasn't complicated, I wish I was simple like them. I love my family. I like physics, I wanted to be a physicist. I like Australians, I like mixed better. I can learn anything very quicky. I can't speak English with my father. I used to have hotdogs and hamburgers for breakfast. I don't believe in love. I'm an atheist. I like peeing by the water. I like music you can dance to. I don't wanna be a dick. I'm so uncool."

All pictures taken on the 26th March 2016 around Blankenese in Hamburg, Germany. Special thanks to Max for providing technical and art assistance for some of the scenes.