It's okay to be desperate and alone at the Café Lehmitz

It was the next-to-last night in Hamburg for at least a long while. I was being punctual for the love of God and just when I reached bingöl Döner Kebab Backshop, Sahar texts to say she needs 40 to 45 extra minutes. It was the place I had a muffin for dinner at on the first night I saw the red blue green yellow lights of the Reeperbahn. No good deed goes unpunished.

These days I am wise enough to know that I'd rather let myself be found at Café Lehmitz every single night than all Wednesdays at Thomas Read or anywhere else, but up to that particular day, I was way too afraid of all things that looked like I belonged to. The blues and the bass and the abyss had been luring me since that early March evening but, see: life is easier when you pretend you're into tekkno in Northern Germany 2016. That time around was different, though, because I had 40 to 45 extra minutes and this leaving-town-tomorrow sadness somewhere around the upper body that allows folks to finally be fucking free.

I am not racist, but I would have struggled to see the black gentleman playing guitar hadn't been for his star-spangled banner, boss of the Plains cowboy hat. He was rocking some red facial hair and Jimi Hendrix jacket as well, and flirted with the darkest, most under-aged ladies in the room. He goes by the name of Lord Bishop and leads a band called Lord Bishop Rocks and that's all I want to know for today. I sat right in front of him on the bar and he avoided my camera as much as he could. Guess the admiration is always stronger when never reciprocated.  

On the right side I had a shirtless hero playing air crucifixion and painting portraits of career-dead idols, oil on wood. He was truthful and savage and I was between his wide-open legs. I was grateful and he didn't seem to mind. I could have stayed down there forever but 40 to 45 extra minutes went by and Sahar is never unpunctual twice a day, so I left for the billiard at Silbersackstraße with her and her brother Nader. It's okay to be in love for a short while.

All pictures taken on 22nd July 2016 at Reeperbahn's Café Lehmitz, Hamburg, Germany.