Auf Kosten der Gesundheit Teil Fünf

Found the dead body of a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (or that, at least, is what it looked like, kind of difficult to determine with certainty due to a lack of Polo Ralph Lauren) while wasting some time away before a Rival Sons secret-slash-surprise gig near Berlin's Very Own Columbia Theater, the second blandest venue in Berlin just surpassed by any other venue in Berlin or by any of Drake's facial expressions, for that matter, as demonstrated with a simple Google Images search of the term 'drake', no capitalisation required. This is the first bloody bastard in the Auf Kosten der Gesundheit saga which undoubtedly deserved its remorseless assassination, squashed by an ironically thin tyre in a bike lane of a typically glamour-free German avenue, perfectly deprived of its 3-dimensional status for ever, as if it had been sleeping between the pages of a closed Bible under Michael Moore's ass for the last decade. Due to various reasons, usually an irrational hatred towards urban cyclist, I really don't want to say that the specimen of the human race who killed this little yellow Satan apprentice fuck should have died in a resembling manner, but I will; needless to say, that would have made an effing good picture. I can't imagine what this flying being existence was like since, as previously stated, I don't really care and I'm honestly glad it came to an end. But its fair, oxygen-saving death looked like the most colourful, Hollywoodesque thing I saw that day. One can never be thankful enough for the poetic justice and the preppy style.

All pictures taken on 9th June 2016 somewhere along Columbiadamm, Berlin, Germany.