The pervert's guide to ideology Partie Quatre/British people in their natural habitat

"My psychoanalytic friends are telling me that typically today patients who come to the analysts to resolve their problems feel guilty not because of excessive pleasures, not because they indulge in pleasures which go against their sense of duty or morality or whatsoever, on the contrary; they feel guilty for not enjoying enough, for not being able to enjoy."

"Mis amigos psicoanalíticos me dicen que lo típico hoy en día es que los pacientes vengan a los analistas para resolver sus problemas no porque se sienten culpables por sus excesos de placer, no porque sucumben demasiado a placeres que van en contra de su sentido del deber o de la moral o todo eso, sino lo contrario; se sienten culpables por no disfrutar lo suficiente, por no ser capaces de disfrutar."

Text by Slavoj Žižek from The Pervert's Guide to Ideology (2012).

All pictures taken on 13th January 2017 somewhere between London and Bexley, England, United Kingdom. Special thanks to Luce, Elspeth, Brad and extra special thanks to Becky for having the most challenging English accent ever.