3 minutes/Víctor knows it all/Ode to Sam Pt. 3

I'll always remember the day I met Sam. It was actually by night in Beijing, but probably noon on our side of the world. I didn't take pictures of her when it happened, which I regret; if there's one moment in my recent past that I would have liked to keep captured, that's the first few words I exchanged with Sam.

I invited her to come and stay with me in Barcelona 3 minutes into our introductory conversation, if my memory serves me right. When you feel it, you feel it, they say. Intuition would beat science any day, and Sam would beat you all any day, as well.

All pictures taken between 4th and 5th September 2016 around downtown Barcelona, Spain. Special thanks to Víctor, and extra special thanks to Sam Jam because she's still the most amazing human being on the Milky Way although she doesn't know yet, and we'll be friends minimum until our 80s and we have telepathy.