Breakfast in Catalonia/Spanish Robbin on a bike trip to Málaga

I'm usually not the one to easily fall for hyperbolic statements and dialectical traps of the like, but sometimes I wonder what would happen if Robbin grew just a tiny bit more wholesome than he already is, just a little lovelier. What would become of this world if we added some more sugar and spice to an already perfectly seasoned mix? Is there a possibility of that not turning out well? Would Earth implode? Would Robbin explode? Would we reach peak humanity and subsequently start dying on a massive scale? Can people ever be "too good"? Is "too good" too scary? Is everything that is worth doing worth overdoing? Isn't it obvious that it is? Why isn't it? When did having a pretty fucking well-rounded brain become so subversive? When did excellence turn poor and underground? When did Robbins stop being rulers? When did the best of us lose faith in the rest of us? Stop this life please, I'm getting off here.

All pictures taken between 11th and 12th of August 2017 around an average small town, the FGC and downtown Barcelona, Spain. Special thanks to Guillermous, and extra special thanks to Robbin for not only being an American communist, but also an example to our whole race. He also looks exactly like his mother and owns the most unreliable pink Japanese bike in the world, which just adds to his overall awesomeness.