Shit on the hand that feeds you Teil Zwei

"La zanahoria de la ingeniería funciona. El ingeniero no es más que el auxiliar administrativo de hoy. Pero ellos se piensan que ir a la universidad es algo del otro mundo. Como todo el mundo tiene una carrera, les han puesto delante el título de ingenieros para que se puedan creer élite. Son conscientes todo el rato de que son ingenieros, y se pasan el día repitiendo la palabrita, tanto en la oficina como en la vida real. 

Ingeniero, no eres más que un vulgar oficinista. Eres el neomecanógrafo." 

"The carrot and stick of engineering works. The engineer is nothing but the administrative assistant of today. But they think that studying at university is something out of this world. Since everybody has a bachelor's degree on whatever, they have given themselves the "engineer" title and written it on their foreheads so they can consider themselves part of an elite. They're permanently aware of their condition as engineers, and they spend their days away repeating over and over the darn word, in the office as well as in real life.

Engineer, you are just a vulgar office worker. You are the neotypist."

All pictures taken on 19th May 2017 at Gutter Fest, around La Sagrera, Barceona, Spain. Special thanks to Marcos Beni, Bruno and Aida for being an exceptional dying breed of humans and staying alive in spite of it and Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman Official Cover Band.