Sahar und Nader und der Sommer

I was born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg. Oh well, actually I might have been born somewhere else, but I surely, without a shadow of a doubt, grew up in Hamburg. It took me a trip to Teutonic lands to find the Spanish woman who would make one out of me. It's hard to call a summer in Hamburg a summer, but I bet it must be the easiest thing in the world to call the coldest winter in Alaska with Sahar and Nader a summer. They say home is where the heart is, but I say the heart is where they are, so home must be Germany. Summer is in their infallible Danish style, Iranian perfect teeth and spirit as warm, high, proud and maternal como la puta Península Ibérica que nos parió. Summer is them, today so far but tomorrow right here.

All pictures taken on 22nd July 2016 around the Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany. Special thanks to Sahar and Nader for being my favourite summer ever.