Someone had to take some pictues: ov-silence Summer Opening, Elbpark Entenwerder

The plastic bag in the photo above, with a 60s/retro-style-illustration of a football player, was the most inspiring thing I found in this ov-silence Summer Opening party. Because of that, I wanted to dedicate a song from my country, the Kingdom of Spain, written and performed by Almodóvar & McNamara and called Satan, S.A., from their fabulous and only 1983 debut album ¡Cómo está el servicio... de señoras!,  to the 3 euros I freely and voluntarily flushed down the toilet last Saturday evening. And, why not, also to my """so-called friends""", who shamelessly refused to tell me where the fuck they were in that fucking goddamn Elbpark Entenwerder. Say good bye to the invitations for the baby shower of my first-born child, """friends""". This one goes for you:

                                     Satanasa, Satanasa,                              She-Satan, She-Satan,
                                     Yo te invoco, yo te invoco,                      I invoke you, I invoke you.
                                     Desde casa, desde casa,                       From home, from home,
                                     Con un moco, con un moco.                  With a booger, with a booger.

Six of these people were very cool, laid-back looking and had lots of ice-cream and I bumped into one and took pictures of him twice in three days. To the latter, I'd like to say this: would you like to come have some coffee and pie with me?

All pictures taken on 7th May 2016 in ov-silence Summer Opening 2016 in Elbpark Entenwerder, Hamburg, Germany.