La foule

+ They claim [···] that they don't look for trouble. You know, they just try to live peaceful lives and be left alone. But, on the other hand, they go out and put themselves into situations, deliberately and constantly, that are either gonna humiliate somebody else or cause them to avoid humiliation by fighting. [···] This whole kind of alienated, violent subculture of people wandering around looking for, you know, either an opportunity or, if not an opportunity, then vengeance for not getting an opportunity. Then they get to be 30, and suddenly they wake up one morning and they realize, you know, there are no more chances. It's all gone. It makes them meaner, you know, and maybe they want to get back at the people who put them in this terrible, this dead end tunnel. 
- Now who are these people they want to get back at? 
+ Oh, they don't know. It's kind of "they", paranoid. You know, it's you, it's me, it's whoever might come too close to them on the highway in a car. It's somebody that makes a remark in a bar to them. They call them "the citizens", anybody who looks like respectable and looks like he isn't doomed, you know, like he has some kind of option, or money, or a home or all the things they don't have. 
- What do you see for us, for everything? 
+ Christ, it's bad. I mean, I'm not very optimistic. But I think one of the most important things is to recognize that we do have this mounting violence in us, and then to find the reasons. And once you find that, it's like curing a boil. And if people insist on saying "I'm a very gentle person and only these littlee bad gang of hoodlums over there is ugly and mean", then it's just putting off the recognition that the same venom that they [sic] are spewing around in public, a lot of people are just keeping bottled up in private. [···] Yeah, I learned a lot about myself just writing about them [sic]. I was seeing a very ugly side of myself a lot of times. I'm much more conscious of the kind of anger that lurks everywhere. But I don't do any, you know, I keep my mouth shut now. I've turned into a professional coward.*
Hunter S. Thompson to Studs Terkel, 1967, via Blank on Blank

* None of the things quoted above apply to Selim.

All pictures taken on 17th March 2016 at KNUST Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.