Auf Kosten der Gesundheit Teil Vier

Found the dead body of a toilet with neither a seat nor a lid (not so sure about the brand, though, kind of difficult to determine with certainty due to the fact that nobody gives a shit about toilet brands, turd intended) in Uhlandstraße U-Bahn station, Hamburger home of the small performance, while talking to my mother on the phone at around 22:45, the second best hour of the day just surpassed by the hour you accidentally wake up at to realize you still got two hours left to sleep. The utilitarian-item-made-into-urban-sculpture was at the entrance of the tunnel that leads to the platforms (sensibly not surpassing the crossing bird-excrement line) because some currently-retired-former-punk-anarchist couldn't even bother to leave it in a junkyard, probably due to various reasons, usually hip replacement surgery. I'm sad that nobody happened to be passing by at that time and looked like the kind of fellow man who would agree to sit in it while I took the ultimately decadent portrait of contemporary humanity. But the cold, coldhearted, Hank Williams style abandonment of this sanitary piece of furniture looked like the most creative, fearless thing I saw that day. One can never be thankful enough for the useless and the art.

All pictures taken on the 11th May 2016 in Uhlandstraße U-Bahn station in Hamburg, Germany.