Auf Kosten der Gesundheit Teil Drei

Found the dead body of an unpaired woollen sock, 15.5 UK size (not so sure if it's actually a sock, kind of difficult to determine with certainty due to it having a face) like a month ago when I dropped from the wrong bus in Mundsburger Brücke, the second widest bridge in Hohenfelde just surpassed by the distance between me and Dolly Parton ever being friends and swapping clothes regularly. This endearingly creepy homemade ghost was delicately hanging from a street sign because some hopeless German person put it up there, probably due to various reasons, usually Jägermeister. I'd really like to meet him or her and tell him or her to get his or her shit together and start asking around in independent art galleries like normal people do because not everybody can be Banksy and street art is so 2009 anyway. I doubt that I'll ever get the chance to do so because rumour has it that Germans don't fancy being randomly incriminated by strangers. But the public, heartless hanging of this non-living half of a knitted object looked like the most disturbing, well-meaning thing I saw that day. One can never be thankful enough for the quietness and the disobedience.

All pictures taken on the 23rd April 2016 in the crossing between Papenhuder Straße, Armgartstraße y Mundsburger Damm in Hamburg, Germany.